River to River Trail and Shawnee Forest Exploration
Welcome to River to River Trail Hike 2nd Edition!
Welcome to River to River Trail Hike 2nd Edition!

Welcome to River to River Trail Hike 2nd Edition!

This is the sequel to the original site. This will be more focused on daytrips on and off the R2R trail. I will be concentrating on less traveled areas for the person who has been to the major areas.

They will be both on trail, and off trail. There are a LOT of interesting areas without trails. Some people would call it exploring.

Also there will be an area for trail stories, and I will be hosting them as well.

I will be updating this page as I go, keeping track of new posts here. Right now there isn’t a dang thing to read. That will change very soon. I just got this site with 4 year plan and unlimited storage. We will see what she will hold! Check back soon.


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    1. Hi again Barb, the page is updated and a decent track posted. You can see the routes we took. We made a loop out of the bottom and also up above Indian Falls. You came from Ondessonk which we thankfully didn’t get lost into like last time. I think you came from further down the creek than our track and followed the creek back up. Paula thought we had gotten lost earlier but we just backtracked a little and came back the same way so we were never actually off our loop.

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