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Millstone Lake Emergency spillway pre 2016

Millstone Lake Emergency spillway pre 2016

You can’t go back in time. This was posted to facebook back in 2016, but it may have been before that because I may have transfered these photos to a different Hard drive then. You can’t go back in time or I would have made a bigger deal out of it, because these formations are gone today. The soft bluish base just washed away and all of these caved in several years ago.

It was magnificent at the time though. As you can see in the one photo there was significant leakage from the lake through this area. The creek was flowing from the leakage. This area was covered by dirt and unknown until a really bad rainfall in the ’80’s began to uncover it. I wonder what was covered to make the dam? enjoy! The little mouse bridge in that one passage as well as the whole passage were gone the next time I was there. Somehow I thought they bwould nlast longer.

The same area in 2019. I don’t even go look anymore.