River to River Trail and Shawnee Forest Exploration
River to River Trail Hike
Pickle Springs MO. (St. Geneveve) daytrip.

Pickle Springs MO. (St. Geneveve) daytrip.

This was actually found by my wife and is close to a couple more interesting State parks. We got a rare day off together and were heading SOMEWHERE for fun and she actually found it and switched destinations in route.

This is a 2 mile loop along a very popular trail with a clockwise direction recommendation. There were probably 15 cars there on a weekday after a very unseasonably warm turn (about 67 degrees) a week after deep snow and record lows so everyone was getting out. due to the clockwise directions, we only saw 4 sets of people, 2 going the counterclockwise direction, but nearly felt we had it to ourselves for the most part.

Enjoy the photos, lots of ice melting.

We crossed at Chester. It’s close to Farmington and St. Geneveve.
The trail goes through the middle window. the right side is fist sized at the thinnest.
Stopped by a covered bridge on the way back to Chester