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Old Pamphlets 1966 Rim Rock and Pounds Hollow

Old Pamphlets 1966 Rim Rock and Pounds Hollow

I have quite a few old pamphlets from a lot of State Parks in IL. I will be posting some from time to time on this page. The title will change to reflect new additions. I used to have a bunch posted on the old website. I just found this one in a folder and I’ll post it first since it is ready to go.

Notice the High Knob fire tower was still an attraction in 1966. The 4 concrete footings are still there on the hill nest to the high knob observation parking lot.

Once again the High Knob Lookout Tower. It looks to have been the full height with the Fire Lookout enclosure while an attraction not the cut off shorter top of Trigg Tower.

Looks like they also had a fire tower on Bald knob before the cross was finished. There were a lot of them still showing up on older Forest maps.