River to River Trail and Shawnee Forest Exploration
River to River Trail Hike
Hayes Canyon- quick trip

Hayes Canyon- quick trip

We had an afternoon off from house sitting the inlaws and opted for a trip down to Hayes Canyon/ Double Hole Branch. This is a hiking area that you access like High Knob…Through a Horse Campground. (Just North of Eddyville)

It’s different than I had pictured in my mind. The Trails are primarily horse trails, but the best parts aren’t horse accessible! They are off limits to horses at the bottom of Double Hole branch. (I think that’s where it is) and there are no trails there! You have to bushwhack, which we weren’t prepared to do so that will have to come on the next trip. There were traces of a trail, but the way was blocked for horses.

The area looks to be very bluffy, and returning should be very profitable. You can do a loop on the trails around the area, but we want close up bluffage.

There are a few trails around the area, and I’m sure they connect to Jackson Hole, Indian Kitchen and the rest of the cool places closeby. Narration continues on the photos.

Drive into the Campground, head to the West end. Keep looking West as you search the back road, it’s behind the big meeting hall more or less. Some parking there. Lots more across the road. There is a sign that says trail.
Cross the creek and follow the trail There’s a big sign and Maps.
We went off trail a ways and found these old bridge supports. We bushwhached back up to the main trail we came in on.
We need to walk along the bottom sometime. Looks great from the top.
We will return to explore the Double Branch Hole Natural Area