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River to River Trail Hike
Saunterers hike to Horseshoe Bluff

Saunterers hike to Horseshoe Bluff

I led a hike with the Shawnee Saunterers (Over 50) to Horseshoe bluff at just past peak color. We had an unseasonably warm day for it. Perfect hiking conditions.

A glorious day for an in and out hike of about 3 miles. No real trail but once on the peak you can’t really get lost. The road going in is getting a little overgrown and a little rough. Your car will get scratched by brush in a couple of places. Parking is fine. No signs at all. Just follow the old road West from the parking area. (Not North past the closed gate!)

The view is so worth it.

After you pass the power line you will start to go uphill on the old trail. Not long before you get to the top of the hill the look out area will be to the left. Nothing to see from the top. Use common sense when you get to the nice flat lookout. There is a faint trail to the other smaller lookout to the North but is tricky. It comes down at a steep angle to the ledge. Go slow. It’s much safer than Inspiration Point though.

And a few from the Saunterers of the “trail”. Such as there is. Where it used to be anyway.

I actually brought some long handled loppers to cut some green briars that were blocking the way. It’s good for awhile.