River to River Trail and Shawnee Forest Exploration
River to River Trail Hike
Indian Kitchen

Indian Kitchen

Indian Kitchen is a nice hike and fantastic bluff line. It’s an in and back trail 3.6 miles long total. Not very hilly until you get there and then a steep climb down to the Creek. It is a REALLY nice cooling off spot in the summer. The lower last climb down has a LOT of briars so avoid them.

There is a little path you can take to the left when you are almost down which is a great photo shot up stream.

The bluff on the far side really hangs out over the Creek coming almost to mid stream in places. After a good rain the Creek can get pretty rapid and dangerous, but you can still see it fine without going all the way down due to some natural terraces. Then you can see the waterfalls so it’s still a great hike anytime. They do have a new single vault toilet at the trailhead.

Take Route 5 East out of the South end of Eddyville and it’s the first road left. (Named Indian Kitchen road) Just down Route 5 is Rock House and Reddicks Hollow, so it’s a great area.

Trailhead is on the left. The trail is on the right through the gate.