River to River Trail and Shawnee Forest Exploration
River to River Trail Hike
Cedar Falls waterfall and Bluffs-Camp Ondessonk.

Cedar Falls waterfall and Bluffs-Camp Ondessonk.

We went to camp Ondessonk, checked in at the office, got our red wristband and a map & directions (you drive outside of camp to the upper Cedar Falls trailhead) and off we went.

You start on top of the falls and head East around the red trail loop. There are lots of bluffs and caves to explore. It will last a full day if you are like me and want to see behind every rock.

The Trail leaves Ondessonk grounds for a short way into the Shawnee but the markers resume just keep following the bluffs and trail. There is one place you have to slide down a 45 degree rock on your keyster. About the same angle as a kids slide without the slick. About that long too. Not a big deal unless you are old or young. Then it’s pretty fun (or scary and fun).

The falls them self go over a VERY large shelter cave. Maybe the largest in the Shawnee counting depth. The minerals have made the back wall very colorful. I’ll post a video and give you the idea.


Note the rock wall dead center. Didn’t notice while we were on top. Or that is a HUGE overhang on the left.
The trail continues around the top of the bluffs to the East.
The trail is well marked and maintained.
I wanted to find this from the bottim because it looked like the entrance was through an arch or cave. Didn’t spot it though. I need to go back and spend the day.
The cracked. angular rock on the right center top to bottom is leaning on the one behind it with room to easily walk through. Nice cool spot in the summer. Shown in the next photo.
Bigger than you are thinking.
Kind of a Barn owl face.
A cave worth going into. Multiple exits to who knows where. Probably one being that valley I missed.
Lots of “windows” like the one in the center of the photo.
Two windows here.
This one will lead to some cool sights.
Like up this ramp of rocks to nother view out.
Ferns uncurling. This was April.
First view of Cedar falls. This is a low flow day. Very windy too.
Rock wall I didn’t notice from the top.
Magnificent area. Notice how far over the wind is blowing the water.
Great photo op for my wife.
I went over and stood under that overhang straight across, You don’t appreciate how massive it is until you stand under and look up.
The back wall is very colorful.
My flash didn’t illustrate to me what was in the darkness back there. (So I didn’t go in)
High roof in back of the overhang.
Some old rock structure in the back.
A couple of cistern like pipes in the back of the rocks.
Once more the video from under the overhang.
There were some dark Clouds coming in and rain was forecast for 4:00pm so we headed back as the clouds built up. It never did more than light drizzle.

There is a split in the red trail not far past the falls. The one saying upper falls is what you want to take. The other takes you back to the camp. We will return, there are other trails we never took, and they are well maintained. Don’t forget to see my other page with Phantom Canyon and Crescent Falls on the blue trail at Camp Ondessonk!