River to River Trail and Shawnee Forest Exploration
River to River Trail Hike
Trip to Rock House

Trip to Rock House

Yesterday 3/3/21 we Headed down ro Ragan road and went to Rock House East of Eddyville. (3 roads left past Indian Kitchen Road) Their is a rough creek crossing that had a high pile of pebbles blocking our low clearance car from continuing around a half mile from the trail head, which is just an old roadbed through private land. Stay on the road until you get to the clearing at the top of the bluff and take the trail on North. Here is out botched up track. We were looking for a non existant parking area and signage. We passed the old road and went another half mile before turning back, You could drive to the trailhead in a higher clearance vehicle.

Trailhead is  37°29’35.3″N 88°32’20.8″W. Rock House is 37.492127N, 88.525066 W (Sorry, mixed GPS readouts) About 2 miles from Trailhead to Rockhouse. Once you get to the top of the bluff, it’s mostly pretty level trail if you stay on top of the bluff all the way. On the decent to rockhouse its a pretty steep loose rocky ditch like trail. Smart alternative is walk on top either side of the ravine/trail. Enjoy!

This old road with purple paint on both sides is the trail. Don’t try and drive it. It doesn’t go far anyway. Trail is unmarked
The Trail North from clearing.
First View of Lusk Creek
The trail down to rock House is eroded into a loose rock gully. Walk along side of it instead of in it.
First view.
The first cave. it opens up to about 10ft. tall inside but wet.
ceiling patterns
Rock house is dry with a large fire pit, and right now has a small BBQ grill someone left.
With the view and the babbling creek, this might be the best place to camp in the Shawnee. As long as someone else doesn’t show up.
Catch your dinner too!
Be aware there are a few wells around the clearing back on top of the bluff at the end of the entrance road. This one was next to the collapsed barn there. I saw 2 so keep your eyes on your surroundings especially where old home sites are.