River to River Trail and Shawnee Forest Exploration
River to River Trail Hike
Elephant Rock/ Reunion Rock

Elephant Rock/ Reunion Rock

A nice day trip. Head to Trigg tower and see the views, then head north up the road to the Horse Camp on the left. We just parked at bthe Trigg Trailhead on the River to River trail and took the trail through the woods parallel to the road. The trail to Elephant Rock actually starts off Trigg Tower road, but it looks like part of the horse camp and even if you take the trail from the trailhead, you will be walking through the horse camp. There is usually room to park on Trigg Tower road and if you see where the last mowed grass area is in the horse camp North end, that’s where you want to walk in (Don’t drive into their yard!)

It’s a marked trail, but for once I didn’t write down ther trail number, or take a photo. I just doodled a trail on the map. It goes West and curves north some then drops into a nice valley with the beginnings of bluffs. It follows a bluff line until it curves to the right and ends up at the bottom of the bluff at elephant rock. The trail isn’t particularly long, I’d say a half mile to a mile. Add another one if you walk from the trailhead like we did. Lots of spunky kids like to climb to the top for the view. We weren’t that spunky.

We just went in and out but the trail continues on and there are a lot of horse and hiking trails in the area, some connecting to Camp Ossendonk over by Ozark. A really nice place to hike with permission from the camp office. That’s for another page.