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Holy Boulders!

Holy Boulders!

Holy Boulders is an area West of Pomona on private land, but open to the public. It is primarily a rock climbing clubs excellent rock climbing area with many different huge boulders with an amazing variety of rock types.

Tha main trailhead is on SNF land and as such there is NO SIGNAGE at the trailhead and no trail improvements allowed. The parking areas are also not improved or marked. You will just have to follow Macedonia Road West out of Pomona IL and keep your eyes open to the left for the trail. It is not too far at all past where it meets Hutchins Creek Road. It is actually on Hutchins Creek Road by a short distance. When you do spot the trail (On your left coming from Pomona) you will continue 50nft. or so and park on the right side. If there are cars there (The shoulder isn’t wide very far) there is parking a little farther on to the right.

That’s what you are looking for.
That is the closest parking. The trail starts at the bottom left corner of the photo. Pretty close to the trail.

The trail angles southwest and is pretty weedy in the summer. When you see the foot traffic only sign, you have reached the Holy Boulders site. It is a lot nicer walking from here on. They are not allowed by the Shawnee Forest to clear the trail on Shawnee property.

This was summer. Lots of poison ivy. I was beginning to wonder the first time here. It’s fine after the sign.

This might be Mollusk Rock. Some have signs. Try to stay on the worn trails. It makes a counter clockwise loop with a spur going south at the far Eastern end. I’m just going to post the pictures as we came to them. There are others that I missed taking photos of. They are all unique.
One of the many classic trucks around Pomona on the way back home.