River to River Trail and Shawnee Forest Exploration
River to River Trail Hike
Phantom Canyon Waterfall -Camp Ondessonk

Phantom Canyon Waterfall -Camp Ondessonk

We got away for the day and went for a new hike to us at at Camp Ondessonk in Ozark IL. We stopped into the office, signed our liability waiver, got a wristband to show we had signed in and a map (all free) and were on our way. We parked at the main Parking lot just down the hill ate lunch and hiked on down the road and West along the cabins until we spotter the blue blazes of the blue trail.

It was well marked. And trash and grafitti free. Didn’t see anyone else on the trail all day. When we got to the South West corner of the property, we went into the Shawnee a way instead of back tracking and picked up another trail that took us back to close to the suspension bridge, and we traveled the short way to the wide falls past the dam then back and across the suspension bridge to the parking lot.

Phantom canyon is much better than I was hoping, and we almost didn’t head up the last bit to the falls, because we already thought the nice little stream was it where the crossing is. Don’t stop until you get to the falls, then go back to the stream crossing (with a rope hand hold).