River to River Trail and Shawnee Forest Exploration
River to River Trail Hike
North on Hutchins Creek to Odies Place.

North on Hutchins Creek to Odies Place.

We took a hike to Odies Place North of the R2R crossing at Hutchins Creek. It was occupied 1889-1991. It’s hard to believe there was an access road of some kind still in 1991. 30 years is rough on Gravel roads I guess. There is a horse trail there up Hutchins Creek Trail then across to Odies Place then North from there. It’s 8.7 miles of hiking we did. Just be aware of that and Coming from the North isn’t really an option since Rattlesnake Ferry Road at the north is fenced off and private property now at the north end of Hutchins Creek. If you like old homesteads, this is right up your alley.

You can navigate up the creek if the water is low, or take the Hutchins creek trail on the West bank if it isn’t too weedy. Where the trail follows a ravine to the creek and ends following the West bank, you are there, There is probably a better way up the East bank a little further north, but we scrambled up the bank after my wife spotted a red piece of farm equipment. Along the bank is very grown up with briars, you will have to find a gap. It’s a lot better further in.

Looking at the squares it looks like 3 miles in. Avenza said 8.7 for the round trip. It’s a good hard workout.
Tree growing together on the way.

Don Walls memorial at his last camping spot. A great Hiking partner, he is sorely missed.

There is always something new to see hiking Hutchins Creek.
A really great looking swimming hole.
The large gully on the West side home to some VERY cool formations thatr I didn’t go down to look at this time. They are a lot like the Millstone Creek energency spillway formations but only around 10ft tall showing so far.
This cabin in the West bank before the end of the trail (Labled Odies Neighbor) Was a relation. Odies is across the creek.
Odies ’55 Ford. LOTS of metal in the area.
Inside the lean to still standing. Fire ring, 2 folding cote lots of chairs and horse tie lines.
Odies House. Lots of people remember when it was still standing.
Interesting hex shaped building.
Odies coffee pot.
I’d do something with this porcelain double kitchen sink if you want to carry it out for me.
Horse trail BMT. It’s all public Shawnee now.
This was farmland then. Hard to imagine a field here now.
Honey wagon frame. Those iron wheels are lucky to not be decorating a driveway.
Heading back on the creek
Hungry Tree
One of a couple curvy i’s the FS interns missed.
Old cistern along the trail about halfway back. Lots of burning bush and daffodils there too.